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Sour New Single Release Goodbye Silence

SOUR official release date:  Friday 09/29/2017


Goodbye Silence is an "alternative rock" band founded in Salem, Oregon.  We've recently released our debut album, "Thoughts in Boxes."  This album has a unique blend of various forms of rock music and ranges from: Indie Rock, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, Alternative, Grunge, and some pop and funk.  Basically, if you enjoy any form of rock 'n roll you're going to LOVE "Thoughts in Boxes."


Check it out on: Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, and several other music streaming platforms.


Goodbye Silence was founded in October 2016.  The band began as an underground project, and we didn't play a single live performance until the release of Thoughts in Boxes on April 23rd, 2017.  Most of our time was spent writing and perfecting the music for the first 3-4 months, and after that we built an in home studio and recorded, mixed, and mastered the album ourselves.  


We had a killer turn out for our album release party, and our follower base is rapidly increasing.  The cool thing is we are just barely getting started, and have plenty of time to actually connect with all of our fans.  If you want to reach out, collaborate, share your opinion, book us, or just say "whats up?" we would enjoy hearing from you.  Just go to our contact page or visit us on facebook.  


Goodbye Silence band members include:

Dylan Janssen - Lead vocals / Rhythm guitar

Brandon Sommers - Lead guitar / backing vocals

Adam Oakley - Bass Guitar

Tyler Davis - Drums