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About the Band

Goodbye Silence

Originally, 3 of us were part of another band that broke up in July of 2016.  We were offered a gig that October, and decided to search for a new drummer.  This was going to simply be a one time thing.  However, after playing with Tyler Davis for a couple of months the gig fell through... that's when the idea of producing a short demo album was discussed.  We all clicked so well with each other that it didn't make sense to walk away just because we weren't going to be playing the show.


We literally could NOT stop writing new material.  At first it was difficult to decide what to put on our demo, but in the end we were more so choosing which tracks to exclude.  A few of those songs will likely make an appearance on our second album.  The demo went from 3-4 songs as an idea to 8 total songs,  and we released it as an LP titled "Thoughts in Boxes."


It was Dylan Janssen who came up with the name, Goodbye Silence.  We gave ourselves a ridiculously tight deadline to finish writing, and fully record and self-produce our first album.  In April of 2017 we finally released Thoughts in Boxes.  


Although we are very new to the alternative rock scene we truly believe that we have something to offer that is both unique and appealing to a wide audience.  

Dylan Janssen - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar


dylan janssen vocals goodbye silence - Dylan Janssen is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Goodbye Silence.



 "I have been playing music in some way or another (whether it was playing an instrument or working on my vocals) since I was 13 years old.  Today, at the age of 22, I am very thankful to be the front-man for Goodbye Silence.  The most satisfying aspect of playing music is the different experiences you have and the people you get to meet along the way.  It is the experiences themselves, and the thought of "what happens next?" that keeps me playing and performing.  I have had the opportunity to learn so much because of my musical outlet all these years, and I am thrilled to discover where music will take me for many more to come."



Brandon Sommers - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Brandon Sommers Lead Guitar Goodbye SilenceBrandon Sommers has been performing live as a lead guitarist since 2005, and songwriting/singing for the last 10 years.


"Music is one of the most powerful forms of communication.  It can enhance a current mood, evoke an emotion (or several), intensify feelings and speak to people in a way that no other medium can.  The idea that we could write a song and effect someone on the other side of the world is pretty intense.  Playing music is more than a hobby... it is an obsession." 



Tyler Davis - Drums


Tyler Davis Drummer for Goodbye Silence



Tyler Davis is the drummer for Goodbye Silence


" I've always had an infatuation with drums and percussion. I started out playing on toys, pots, pans, pie tins..basically anything I could get my hands on. I got my first drum kit at 10 and have slowly upgraded through the years. I played with several bands in California and playing live only intensified my love of drums and music."



Adam Oakley - Bass Guitar

Dale Smith Bass Guitar Goodbye Silence



 -Adam Oakley is the official bass player for Goodbye Silence. 


"I have always been infatuated with music.  My dad taught me how to play the drums when I was 6 years old.  I then began playing guitar when I was 16, and at that point I really started to feel that I wanted to pursue music as a career.  I pull inspiration from countless sources across several genres, and try to blend a style that is unique, while evoking emotion and spreading harmony"