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Song Lyrics

Thoughts in Boxes

"Thoughts in Boxes" by Goodbye Silence

Verse 1:

The tide, it's takin' me

The flight, I've lost my wings.

I might just be in need

The night... oh I can't see... see.. see


Verse 2:

The ride can't set me free

I fight and I can't breathe

The light is I can think

This sight, oh could it be... be... be


All my thoughts are put into boxes

All my thoughts are taken away

Tell me when was this world corrupted

I'll say... I'll say


Verse 3:

The glide, will help me lead

Unite what I have seen

The ride; I'm feelin' free

Can my mind do the deed... deed... deed


Instrumental / Whoa-Oh! Whoa-Oh! Whoa! Oh!